Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today I am thankful for the comfort in words...

I haven't blogged in a while and a lot has happened in that short amount of time, with a new job, going home to visit, new hair color and much more I have gotten to become a slacker on blogging. So I thought today I better sit down while I have some extra time and get to blogging! Lately there has been a lot on my mind, and I find myself just thinking about everything in general. Which with me being me thinking a lot is never a good thing because I tend to be a worry wart. So sometimes I let it get to me until I can get a moment to take a step back and really take a look at what is going on. Which lately as I take my step back I have noticed how thankful I am in the comfort that words bring me. I think a lot of the time Heavenly Father knows us and knows the things that are on my mind and like any other parent he wants to bring us comfort in anyway that he can. So I feel the way he brings me comfort is by words from others and in songs I listen too that give you that aha moment! Whether it be me talking about my job to my mom and the stress I have with that she always says what I need to comfort me and to make me feel like everything is going to be okay. It warms me so much to know that I will never be alone in any way because I have so many people around me, whether they be on tis earth or not, that love me and that are always there to take on my burdens and lighten them for me when they see it needed. I also love that I am always having times that show me way that I need to grow and become the person I am meant to be. My aunt was telling me about a dream she had and that in that dream my Great Grandpa Swenson was in it. In the dream he said that my grandpa turned to her smiled then shrugged and said "let it go." When she told me this I couldn't help but tear up, for many reason, but one being I have yet to have my grandpa in a dream and it is hard because I miss him very much. It also made me tear up because as I go throughout my day, day to day I can't help but hear my grandpas advice with everything I do and feel his comforting loving heart. I know that not only him saying that was for my aunt but I think she shared that  dream with me because I was meant to hear that as well. Sometimes with things I have a hard time forgetting my past and having a wall up to a lot of things and a problem forgiving and forgetting. I know my Heavenly Father needs me to be a loving and forgiving person. It is now time for me to come closer to being that person and striving to being closer to be like that. I am thankful for the comfort and love I feel from others and the words they share with me. I know that we have a set path for our life and have certain things that happen and we meet people in life to get us to be the person we need to be. So that is why today I a thankful for the comfort in words that I get from others.

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  1. Keep up with your blogging you'll me happy you did! Your own words can be a great inspiration to yourself... and to others...I love reading your posts!